Why Choose Engagement Over Growth in Tribal Communities


October 29, 2021

Last week Allie Kerr, Head of Community @ NFX took us behind the scenes of the community operations of one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent early-stage venture firms.

If you missed the monthly event you can now watch it on-demand.

3 key takeaways:

  1. Guild is Much More Than Community
  2. At NFX, all portfolio companies are considered to be members for life. It is more than just work-related, you really have bonds that stand beyond your time as a portfolio founder and ultimately you give back, receive help and stay an asset to the community for a long time.

  3. Choose Engagement Over Growth
  4. Venture communities of portfolio companies are exclusive by nature. As a community leader, you need to focus more on building 1:1 deeper bonds with members among them, focus less on overall growth.

  5. Think Like A 5-Star Hotel Concierge
  6. Tribal network effects are all about building loyalty and trust and supporting founders throughout their journeys. Whether it is hiring, setting up infrastructure, intros to legal counsels, or fundraising help - get the short-term goals upfront and track the progress through regular check-ins.

Here's Alex, Allie and some of our event attendees
Here's Alex, Allie and some of our event attendees

More community hacks:

Watch the full interview or parts of it to learn actionable steps for building an exclusive community NFX-style:

  1. How to get busy founders to RSVP to virtual and in-person events (timestamp 17:30)
  2. NFX step-by-step onboarding process (timestamp 9:00)
  3. How to use tools to amplify knowledge sharing and community engagement (timestamp 35:05)

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