Remembering Vasil

Vasil Azarov: August 12, 1981 - April 3, 2022
Vasil Azarov: August 12, 1981 - April 3, 2022

We lost our co-creator Vasil on April 3, 2022.

Community Hacked is Vasil’s brain child. He was the one who brought the team together and helped us create this event series where we have hosted 10 great community professionals from companies like Facebook, Canva, Notion, Shopify and more. His death is an incredible loss not just to our team but the entire community industry.

Even though Vasil is no longer with us, our goal is to keep his legacy at Community Hacked alive.

To help remember him in a fuller picture, we have collected a few words from our community on how Vasil impacted their lives.

Alex Gordon-Fuse

"I was very sad to hear of the sudden passing of our friend and CH co-creator Vasil. He had incredible energy and drive and was really the core of our team here. Every time I spoke with him I came away feeling inspired about what we were working on together. He was always so kind and often found time to talk through ideas and to support both me and others, which I always recognised and appreciated. I will miss him, but am also grateful that I got to work so closely with him over the past year."

Allie Kerr

"I had the privilege of getting to know Vasil over the past year working together on Community Hacked. He was so talented as a community builder but always found the time to share his talents and mentor others. He was one of a kind and I am a better community leader for knowing him. He will truly be missed."

Nityesh Agarwal

"Vasil's death was a shock to me. I was one of the lucky people who got a chance to work with him over multiple instances. He had such great energy and was a natural community builder who took a chance on people. I'll forever be in his debt for having such a significant impact on my work and my life."

Pramod Rao

"I got to know Vasil for the first time a year ago through OnDeck's ODCB1 cohort and he was kind enough to make me a part of Community Hacked. I was also fortunate to be in the same ODS mastermind group with Vasil and got to know him more. Will miss his energy and enthusiasm to hear out, encourage and try new ideas. Hoping to continue to help realise his vision for Community Hacked in whatever capacity possible."

Mo Malayeri

I'm shocked and deeply saddened by this news! Vasil was full of life and energy, always looking to empower people. He will be missed.

Romaine Piper

He's one of the most inclusive leaders I've met in the growth industry. He literally gave everyone a taste of the spotlight in the events, whether by giving them a chance to pitch in with their ideas/thoughts, shout-outs, or even sharing their stories. I've heard of Growth Blazers through Growth Hackers around 2 years ago (I believe) and have attended atleast 4 or 5 events. He definitely knows how to keep a crowd of growth nerds engaged..... What sucks too is that I was at one of his last events (with Shopify's community manager), only to hear about a week later that he passed. Sigh.. I'll truly miss his energy.