10X Growth Playbook for Building International Communities


October 1, 2021

Our community expert in residence, Monica Silvestre, now Head of Global Community, Creators @ Canva, shared her secret sauce for international growth, from hiring unicorn community managers and firestarter community evangelists to step-by-step execution.

If you missed Community Hacked Ep.4, you could now watch it on-demand.

Here are a few key takeaways:

  1. Look for Unicorn Community Builders  🦄
  2. Community Builder is an external-facing role. You need to have empathy, woo factor, ability to read the room. A unicorn community builder does events, marketing, partnerships, social media and possesses strong communication and storytelling skills.

  3. Look for cowboys (or cowgirls) and wranglers 🤠
  4. Nuts and bolts skills are not enough. You need the right attitude. Cowboys are go-getters and risk-takers when it is time to act. Wranglers are more conservative and resourceful. You will have to balance both mindsets to succeed.

  5. 10x International Community Growth Playbook 🔥
    1. Find active users and influencers with the local community
    2. Connect with them in a non-scalable way and identify their goals
    3. Create win/win/win partnership between your organization, local influencers & community
    4. Activate superusers and create a high-engagement campaign or event
    5. Hire from your local community directly and watch it grow!

The variation of this playbook worked in Brazil, Turkey & Russia, so there’s a high chance it will work for your local community too.


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