Community as a Growth Channel: How Notion Did It


November 24, 2021

Last week, Ben Lang, Head of Community @ Notion, shared his secret behind the organic community growth, transforming thousands of passionate early users into brand ambassadors.

If you missed the event, you can watch the event on-demand now!

Shout out to Joel Primack who attended the event, and shared some of his key takeaways:

  • Have a super clear, thorough brand voice, so every interaction is consistent
  • Activating a community with localization (in-person and virtual events, content, ambassadors, etc.)
  • Create places for members of your community to connect, learn, and share their use cases
  • Build programs for Influencers, Ambassadors, & Consultants (specializing in your software/platform) - yes, they're 3 different audiences!


More Community Hacks:

Watch the full interview or parts of it to learn Notion’s community growth tactics:

  • (timestamp 1:50) - How to get a job at your dream company. Ben shares his journey from being an eBay trader and part of the Israeli intelligence service to becoming Notion’s 11th employee.
  • (timestamp 7:00) - Reverse-engineering Notion’s hockey stick community growth and steps to get on that path.
  • (timestamp 12:00) - The art of building an ambassador program.
  • (timestamp 26:30) - Ben’s list of community marketing & evangelist tools from engagement and events, to analytics and swag.
  • (timestamp 29:30) - Notion’s KPI and why they are different depending on the program.
  • (timestamp 35:00) - If you’re experiencing a lack of engagement, don’t force it. Do this instead.

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